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Deluxe Batman Batcave Retro Playset With Batman & Scarecrow Loose Figures

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Price: $99.99
Item Number: BATCAVE02
Batman Batcave Retro Playset

A reproduction of its 70's counterpart, The Batcave is the perfect compliment to the vast array of Batman figures that have been released by Figures Toy Company. The flashing Battery Operated Batsignal, Batpole, Batcomputer, and Secret Entrance (to keep those pesky villains out) features are all present here in Batman's lair. Collectors can get ready to clear some shelf space, as The Batcave is a giant 3 foot playset that can be utilized with any of Figures Toy Company's 8 inch retro action figures!  

Action figures in photos are not included.

New deluxe version with Batman Retro 4 Series Batman & Scarecrow figures packed loose

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